Seriously, the literal ONLY post, article, or guide you’ll EVER need to make any website, landing page, or funnel convert.

Okay I know this title is bold....

I’m going to make another claim, this blog post containing our free e-checklist is the only resource you’ll ever need for strategizing your new website. 

This checklist is timeless, 

This resource can be implemented by a 12 year old,

And it’ll work with whatever website or landing page builder you’re using. 

Before you roll your eyes and move on let me provide more context. 

I’ve built hundreds of websites and landing pages. 

I’ve analyzed and consulted on thousands more in the last 10 years being in the digital space. 

I’ve broken it down and compiled an easy to digest checklist of every component you need on 

Your website to make it convert. 

It doesn’t have to be so hard to make a website actually make you money. 

Even if you have half of the checkboxes on our guide check off you’re doing good. 

The best part, 

It doesn’t even have to look that good to convert! 

I’ve seen ugly and last minute thrown together landing pages outperform 20k websites. 

The magic in our guide and this checklist is based on human psychology. 

And I've broken down a handful of components and frameworks you need on your landing page or website to make it convert. 

Simply look at your website now and check off every element that you have. 

Or if you’re in the process of building a website make sure you include these components. 

Give it to your marketing team, developer, or designer. Just make sure whoever works with or 

Handles your website, includes the ideologies on the guide because I would hate for you to miss 

Out on $$$$$ 

You work hard getting eyeballs on your website or landing page. So making sure your digital 

a slice of real estate is converting those eyeballs into dollars as optimized as possible is crucial. 

Put this guide to work and thank your friends at Yeesha Media later :) 

Get the guide —-> here

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