Stripzz eCommerce

Webflow -> Shopify
Days Until Completion

About The Project

Pushing the boundaries to what is possible with eCommerce design

This is a portfolio brand built with the purpose of seeing what we could create and test the limits to innovate and improve our methods.

Stripzz is a DTC brand with a humorous, fun, and spunkiness to it.

It is breaking the barriers in the supplement market by providing a new delivery mechanism for common problems such as sleep, energy, and hangover cures.

Unlike pills or gummies, dissolving strips work faster.

We custom build this project in Webflow and moved it over to Shopify. Why?

Webflow gives us 100% design freedom. This is how we were able to animate the homepage.

By building it as a custom theme and moving it over to Shopify, we still reap all the benefits of Shopify, the most complete eCommerce platform on the market.

Check it out for yourself on the webflow mockup link below.